Getting Smart with Building Codes

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by Matt Dobson

VSI - Vinyl Siding Institute - Building CodesVSI staff and members recently participated in the International Code Council’s building code hearings. The code hearings are the development process to improve our building codes; the result of this year’s hearings will be the 2018 I-Codes that every state in the union will eventually adopt!

Despite what we have seen by some local government planning departments over the years, the I-Codes are what regulate how our products can be used with various building types; whether it be single-family homes, townhomes, or even commercial buildings up to 40 feet in height! Yes, I said commercial buildings up to 40 feet in height! (Have you focused on the commercial sector? If so, we’d love some photos of your projects.)

Use the I-Codes to your advantage, as they fairly recognize how vinyl siding, polypropylene siding, and insulated siding can be applied. The I-Codes address topics such as water protection, wind performance, energy performance, and fire safety!

Over the past several months, VSI’s Code Development Work Group worked to put together a short, easy-to-understand code specification guide for our products. This guide is designed to help you understand how our products are regulated and also empower you on how to effectively communicate this messaging with your local building officials and planners – a perfect reason to schedule meetings with them! It can also be helpful with product specifiers who may not understand the wide array of how our products can (and should) be used. Download the guide below and also register for our upcoming webinar!

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Using the Building Codes to Help You Specify More Product

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How the I-Codes Regulate Vinyl, Polypropylene and Insulated Siding

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