Local Planning and Politics: Sit at the Table or Be on the Menu? You Decide.

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by Matt Dobson

VSI_Vinyl-Siding-Institute_PoliticsThe construction industry is a puzzle of which the vinyl siding industry can be an important piece—if we know and are able to communicate where we fit.

During the early stages of planning or land development, especially in more rapid growth areas, the developer (or builder) will meet many times with the local government. In many cases the local government staff person is a Planner. Depending on the size of the community, many cities and towns will have 3 – 10 planners (or more) on staff to help make sure the right type of development is being proposed. In the past, Planners would simply approve the developments based on the number of lots and density limitations. But now, Planners and Developers get into many details, even to the point where the Planner will negotiate with the Developer on minor items, such as number of shutters on the front of the house or how many bushes need to be planted.

We need to continuously educate these Planners (and Developers) at the local level.

This needs to become part of your business model.

Here’s how you can fit into the construction puzzle and get our products specified:

  1. Arrange meetings with the residential planning departments in the communities in which you do business.
  2. Determine if local elected officials are involved in material selection decisions. If so, meet with them, too.
  3. Show the planners/officials the great products we now have and the variety. Use VSI resources to help supplement your marketing materials.

You are not in this alone, VSI can provide you with a resource packet and presentation to help address any potential roadblocks.

They will be amazed at what our industry has been up to and you will be amazed at how important these relationships are. Let me know how it goes and how we can help!

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