VSI’s SEO Strategy Wields Big Market Development Opportunities

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by Lisa Dunn

39,000+ total users. 46,200+ repeat visits. Over 71,500 total pageviews. These numbers represent the traffic coming to the Vinyl Siding Institute’s website over the past 6+ months. And they are quite impressive!

The results are the byproduct of an effective SEO strategy developed collaboratively between VSI’s strategic marketing partner, Interrupt, and VSI’s Communications team – and they are making serious traction in the industry.

In 2022, page views per visit increased by 20% and impressions for all search queries increased by 11%. It’s safe to say that these visitors are home builders, contractors or homeowners building or renovating their homes.

How It Helps VSI Members

There are – no doubt – inbound sales opportunities coming from these visitors to the site, but perhaps more importantly for the industry, these metrics can help member manufacturers and their sales teams better understand what the homebuilding market is looking for in vinyl siding.

Here are a few to consider:

  • More than 70% of VSI’s website traffic over the past two years has come from organic search. This means that unsolicited visitors are coming to the VSI website after searching on Google using phrases like “vinyl siding nails,” “how to install vinyl siding,” “J-channel tricks,” and “how to install vinyl soffit,” to name just a few.
  • VSI newsletters drove almost 30% of the total VSI website traffic. The top engagement came from these topics:
  • Traffic to https://www.vinylsiding.org/why-vinyl/ has increased by a staggering 133% compared to the previous year.

These trends indicate that more people are looking for vinyl siding and want to learn more about what vinyl siding can do for them. They want design ideas, a clear pathway to code compliance and sustainability and help installing vinyl siding. They are also paying attention to VSI’s advocacy work. And when you consider that Trainee Signup clicks increased by 128% and Installer Recertification clicks increased by 147%, it shows that more people are gravitating to vinyl siding as a career choice.

VSI member sales teams should use the links as tools for their business development efforts. I’m still a big believer in print and that the sales sheet is a lost art, but it sure is handy when you can text or email a link to your customers in the middle of a phone call or face-to-face meeting and explain to them that “this is what your customers are looking for online and are driven to our industry website.”

To learn more about leveraging VSI’s SEO success, contact Lisa Dunn, Senior Director, Communications, VSI.