Wondering How To Effectively Talk “Green Building”? Read This!

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While other cladding industries were busy making empty sustainability proclamations, our industry went to work over the past 10+ years; studying data, and publicly releasing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information for true transparency when providing product comparisons relating to green building.

LCA is the best scientific technique available to help assess environmental impact of products. This science looks at how materials impact the environment, from start to finish, commonly referred to as cradle to grave.

After LCAs the next logical step was to publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and VSI led the effort to first collaboratively establish a Product Category Rule (PCR) for cladding products.

Think of EPDs as a “Nutrition Facts” document for products; developed based on the established PCR, and independently verified and registered. Our industry is first in the exterior cladding market to publish EPDs, that’s how committed we are to transparency!

To help you confidently discuss green building with product specifiers or communicate how EPDs help projects qualify for LEED and the National Green Building Program, check out the downloads for vinyl siding, insulated siding and polypropylene siding below:


Vinyl Siding Environmental Product Declaration – Industry Average


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