Looking to Recertify?

Renew Your Certification

Your certification is valid for five years. Recertification after five years is as simple as passing an online, open book recertification exam, filling out the recertification form, and paying the fee.

If you are currently certified as a VSI Certified Installer and need to recertify, you do not need to register. Just log in via the button below using the username and password from your recertification correspondence. The five year recertification fee is $99.

If you cannot locate your username and/or password, please contact VSIsupport@databanque.com or call (877) 627-8997.

Benefits Of Renewing Your Certification

When you recertify, you’ll keep access to many exciting opportunities from the VSI Certified Installer Program, including:

  • Independent validation of your skills and knowledge
  • Improved credibility as a qualified professional installer
  • Higher quality work requiring fewer callbacks
  • Increased exposure through the website registry
  • Use of the VSI Certified Installer logo and marketing materials


Vinyl Siding Installation Manual

This manual sets forth the basic guidelines for vinyl siding installation. (Spanish version also available)

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