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On-Line VSI Certified Installer Trainee Certification E-Learning Module!

As we continue working to expand the installer workforce, educational programs, and the Vinyl Siding Institute – the Certified Installer Trainee - Basic Vinyl Siding Installation E-Learning Module Certification is another example!  Candidates will now be able to visit the VSI Website and take this course, at a time that is convenient for them AND at their own pace! Upon completion of the certification, graduates will walk away with a strong understanding of basic vinyl siding installation, will have access to the many tools and resources that the program offers, access to the VSI Installation Manual as well as installation videos and lastly, a Vinyl Siding Certified Installer Trainee Certificate – good for up to 2 years!


For skilled vinyl siding installers, becoming a VSI Certified Installer is easy. Get started by taking a class taught by a VSI Certified Trainer — online or in-person. Next, pass an exam that tests your knowledge about vinyl siding installation and industry recognized installation standards according to ASTM D4756. The cost of the class and exam is $175.

In an effort to continue supporting our industry and minimize the spread of COVID-19 across our communities, VSI is now offering Certified Installer classes online at discounted rates. Please see available courses and dates below.
Need to reschedule?  Please reach out to your instructor directly.

Online VSI Certified Installer Certification

  • Discounted Price: $50 now through September 30, 2020 ($125 off regular price)
  • Coupon Code: VSISEPT125
  • 2 years of industry experience required

Get Certified Now!

Online VSI Certified Installer Renewal/Re-Certification

  • Discounted Price: $49 ($50 off regular price)
  • Coupon Code: VSISEPT50 (valid from May 1 through September 30, 2020

Recertify Now!

Get started today by signing up for an online class or searching for an in-person class in your area. 

Benefits of Being a VSI Certified Installer

When you pass the exam, you’ll experience many exciting opportunities from the VSI Certified Installer Program, including:

  • Independent validation of your skills and knowledge
  • Improved credibility as a qualified professional installer
  • Higher quality work requiring fewer callbacks
  • Increased exposure through the website registry
  • Use of the VSI Certified Installer logo and marketing materials

Do You Qualify for the VSI Certified Installer Program?

To become a VSI Certified Installer, you must have at least two years of installation experience. If you have less than two years of experience, you may still participate in the program, but you will not receive your certification until you obtain the required experience.

Your certification through the VSI Certified Installer Program is valid for five years.

After initial certification, you must apply for recertification every five years to ensure you're up-to-date on the latest vinyl siding application techniques.

Questions?  Contact the Program Administrator at or 877-627-8997 for any questions on the VSI Certified Installer Program.


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