Come Explore VSI’s Updated Website Sections!

Guess what? We recently redesigned our website's Building Officials and Certified Products sections! Here are the highlights you need to know:

Building Officials

The Building Officials section has been refreshed significantly to be more educational, informative and optimized for SEO performance by incorporating new content and extracting information from the latest Building Code Reference Guide.

Key updates:

  • We now highlight the 3 different product categories: vinyl siding, polypropylene siding and insulated vinyl siding
  • Incorporated key terms into the content for SEO optimization
  • Incorporated the new Product Certification Program positioning and branding
  • Pulled out content from the Building Code Reference Guide so it is searchable and offers a more seamless user experience
  • Now features AIA and ICC education accreditation information
  • FAQ callout has been added

Certified Products

We revised the Certified Products website page to highlight the new Product Certification Program branding and positioning.

Key updates:

  • Incorporated new positioning copy for the program highlighting the benefits and reports available (PCL and PER)
  • Updated the overall visual look and feel, with more focus on graphic elements
  • Now features the Intertek listing page
  • Outlined the 8-step certification process through an easy to navigate carousel tool
  • Building Code Officials and FAQ callouts have been added