Vinyl soffit comes in several varieties – solid, beaded, ventilated and hidden ventilated – and is specified by reveal and style. Vinyl soffit is available in a variety of colors, the most popular choice being white.

Some solid vinyl soffit can also be used for vertical siding applications.

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Double 4" Solid
Triple 3⅓" Solid
Quad 4" Solid
Double 5" Solid
Triple 4" Solid
Double 6" Solid

Double 4" Beaded
Triple 2" Beaded
Triple 2⅜" Beaded
Triple 2⅓" Beaded
Triple 3" Beaded
Triple 2⅔" Beaded
Triple 3⅓"Beaded

Double 5" Ventilated
Triple 4" Ventilated

Triple 3⅓" Hidden
Triple 4" Hidden
Ventilated [Diagram]
Triple 4" Solid
Triple 3⅓" BeadedTriple 3⅓"Beaded
Double 5" VentilatedDouble 5" Ventilated
Triple 3⅓" Hidden Ventilated