Vertical Siding

Vertical siding has been used on many different architectural styles dating back to medieval times. Stemming from traditions in the Midwest, mountain regions and West Coast, vertical siding has gained popularity throughout the United States and Canada. Architectural styles using vertical siding include Stick, Folk Victorian, Tudor and Craftsman.

Today’s vinyl siding accurately reproduces the increasingly popular board & batten profile consisting of alternating wide and narrow panels. Some vinyl soffit can also be applied vertically. These applications are often used as accents, but are also used in whole house applications.

Vertical vinyl siding is typically specified by profile and reveal.

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Board & Batten 6"Reveal
Board & Batten 7"Reveal
Board & Batten 8"Reveal [Diagram]
Board & Batten> Board & Batten 8"Reveal
Board & Batten