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Advocacy gives everyone a voice. In our industry specifically, it helps public officials make better decisions about rules and regulations that directly impact the use of vinyl siding. By sharing our expertise and knowledge, we can help to ensure that everyone has a choice when it comes to specifying home siding products.

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Why Does Advocacy Matter

Affects your ability to do business, especially long term. Stand up and influence product decision makers before it gets too far into the process and has a direct impact on your ability to install vinyl siding products.

Fights misinformation and bias against vinyl siding products. Misinformation spreads quickly. Diminish false reports from competitors and the media by sharing the facts to make a positive influence on the local planning process.

Makes a difference in local politics. You have the power to influence local and state public policy. You vote. Let your voice be heard.

Advocacy Makes the Difference

You can help ensure that local and state governments make informed decisions on building materials by educating them on the benefits of vinyl siding and the needs of your business. Our Advocacy Kit makes it easy to get involved starting today. Take a stand to protect vinyl.

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Make Gains at the State Level

In 2015, the North Carolina General Assembly signed into law SB 25, a law that prohibits local governments from enacting ordinances that control design and aesthetics — including the type of siding used — of one- and two-family dwellings. If you think this legislation is necessary in your state, consider sharing this information with your local HBA.

It's easy to start taking a more active role in local government, ensuring your decision to choose vinyl siding isn't impacted by rules and regulations. In our Advocacy Kit, we put together a list of five key steps to evaluating local ordinances and influencing change. Here's a quick overview of the steps:

  • Look up ordinance language on municipal websites
  • Determine the scope of new ordinances that may affect vinyl siding
  • Contact the local planner and schedule a meeting
  • Attend public hearings to stay in the know
  • Reach out. Be heard!

Get Started on Making a Change

Not sure where to start? Review more examples of existing legislation that has opened the door for vinyl siding installation.

Explore Examples

Join Your Local Home Builders Association

When you join your local HBA, you can gain many benefits including industry knowledge, business opportunities, and real-time access to changing rules and restrictions for the building industry. You also become a member of the state and National Association of Home Builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the information you need fast about the Vinyl Siding Institute’s work—in advocacy, workforce training and certification, building code resources, sustainability and more—in our Frequently Asked Questions.