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Vinyl Siding Institute is the leading trade association dedicated to advancing awareness of the benefits of vinyl siding and other polymeric products, as well as ad of the polymeric siding industry as a whole.

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If you're in the vinyl siding industry, then join us as we work to advance industry-wide awareness of the benefits of vinyl siding and other polymeric products.

As the Vinyl Siding Institute, we strive to use our resources to advance the industry by:

  • Maintaining and expanding markets for vinyl siding and other polymeric products
  • Addressing regulatory issues, and developing resources and outreach to educate building code developers and regulators
  • Developing material, product, and performance standards in concert with standards-making organizations and code bodies
  • Sponsoring certification programs that improve the quality of vinyl siding and its installation
  • Sharing information with the industry and its customers on the benefits of vinyl and other polymeric products

Certified Products

Only those products that are independently verified to follow stringent quality control standards as well as meeting or exceeding ASTM standards can carry the Certified Vinyl Siding badge.

VSI-Certified products are verified to meet the following ASTM standards:

  • ASTM D3679 for Vinyl Siding
  • ASTM D7793 for Insulated Vinyl Siding
  • ASTM D7254 for Polypropylene Siding

Build consumer trust that your products are designed to perform to the highest product standards in the industry with our product certification program.

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Sharing our expertise about our industry helps public officials make better decisions about rules and regulations that directly impact the use of vinyl siding. Proactively reach out to and educate our audiences with the correct information. Get started today.

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