Making Art Out of Necessity: Enhancing Traditional Designs with Vinyl Window Trim

By Don Browne

It’s a common belief that exterior window trim is one detail of design that is often overlooked. And yet, very few design aspects catch the eye like provocative window and door trim. Like all trim functions throughout the exterior, they are a requirement for keeping the siding on the house – especially during wind events, as well as for preventing drainage and maintaining proper insulation.

Since vinyl siding trim comes in a wide array of colors and styles from the Vinyl Siding Institute’s (VSI) member manufacturers, there is a perfect opportunity to use what’s necessary for function as a canvas for innovative design and curb appeal.

Here are a few favorites based on what’s trending:

Substantial Bold Trim is “in.” Recently, there seems to be a higher demand for rich, dark accent colors for new home siding, especially in blue, green and red. Substantial bold trim may very well be the optimal choice for creating an attractive contrast that gives depth and balance to the home’s exterior. This thicker material also adds more dimension to the windows.

Flat Trim is a great option for homes with vibrant colors and various textures. Arguably the most subtle of window designs, flat trim minimizes the window’s frame while accentuating the rest of the exterior features.

Farmhouse Window Trim is perhaps the best choice for traditional homes with large windows and wide dimensions. It is wide and precise yet sturdy with a clean finish and traditional look. Farmhouse window trim complements window baskets and bright-colored shutters and offers interesting design possibilities for modern homes.

There’s a reason vinyl window trim is among the most popular on the market today. It is solid with superior heat and moisture resistance compared to other materials (PVC window trim is completely waterproof). Like all other vinyl siding, you won’t have to replace it for another 75 years. And for design purposes, vinyl window trim looks beautiful on both modern and traditional homes.

For more ideas on vinyl trim, read Chapter 2 in Architectural Polymers: Best Practices for Architectural Specifications. The PDF version contains automated AutoCAD files that you can easily and quickly download into your designs.


Don Browne is a writer, entrepreneur and local legislator who believes that the power of words can change the world. He provides unique writing services for clients in the construction, health care, IT and hospitality sectors. He has a passion for small business and start-ups, as well as writing about Irish history, family and corporate biographies. As a homeowner and father of four who is passionate about community development, Don looks forward to writing more about the exciting possibilities of creating traditional neighborhoods and more sustainable communities using modern materials.