VSI Young Professionals (YP) Initiative Kicks Off at Spring Meeting

Led by Deina Hashimi, Assistant Director of Regulatory and Advocacy at VSI, and Kelli Hill, Director, Marketing Communications at Associated Materials Incorporated (AMI), the first VSI Young Professionals (YP) session took place at the 2018 Spring Meeting. The program was met with great enthusiasm and lively conversations centered around professional brand development, generational stereotypes, and the value of mentorship.

With Millennials making up the largest population within the U.S. labor force, the mission objective of VSI’s YP is to attract, educate, and prepare the next generation of industry leaders.

This group will serve as a platform for young professionals to facilitate new ideas, conversations, and plan for current and upcoming industry affairs; a place where professionals can grow their industry knowledge, learn how to create a meaningful career path, and build a long-lasting professional network. While geared primarily toward the 40 and under crowd, VSI’s YP events are also open to all members.

Now that the program has launched, we ask that you spread the word! We aim for more young professionals to join in on the conversations and get involved in the trade association. 

Be on the lookout for the VSI’s YP LinkedIn page, details on the fall YP meetup in Nashville, and a digital hub for YP communications and professional branding advice.

To learn more, contact Deina Hashimi at dhashimi@vinylsiding.org.