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More design versatility than any other exterior cladding

With an unmatched selection of profiles, shapes, textures, and colors, vinyl and other polymeric siding can play a beautiful role in exterior design, and it keeps looking great year after year.

Hundreds of diverse products are certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards for durability and weatherability, and color retention, too.

Visit the photo gallery for examples of:

  • Popular architectural styles using vinyl and other polymeric siding
  • Horizontal and vertical profiles
  • Shakes, scallops, fish scales, and other accent and whole house profiles
  • Varying textures, from smooth to deep wood grain
  • Beaded, clapboard, and Dutchlap designs
  • Hundreds of colors, including barn reds, hunter and sage greens, deep blues and more
  • Historic renovation
  • Multi-family, mixed-use and commercial construction


Designing Style: A Guide to Designing with Today’s Vinyl Siding

See how to bring popular architectural styles to life with the lasting beauty of vinyl and other polymeric siding. Developed in collaboration with experienced architects, designers, builders and manufacturers, this award-winning reference tool is filled with information, inspiration, and insight.

Review sample pages from Designing Style.


Official List of Certified Products and Colors

Vinyl and other polymeric siding, including insulated siding, are the only exterior cladding with product certification administered by an independent, accredited quality control agency that ensures products meet or exceed industry standards for performance. Hundreds of colors are also certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards for color retention, so you can be sure they will resist major color changes in a variety of climates. Currently more than 800 products and more than 400 colors are certified to meet or exceed international standards for quality and color retention.


Siding with Neighborhoods

“Traditional Neighborhood Design” or “New Urbanism” demands individuality and distinction. Unleash the aesthetic versatility of vinyl and other polymeric siding to create undeniably appealing communities and outdoor spaces.


Siding with History

In community after community, vinyl and other polymeric siding have been found to uphold historic restoration standards. See how the wide selection of profiles, trim, and colors beautifully capture historic periods and styles, all with modern, low-maintenance performance.


VSI Manufacturer Contact List

VSI members are manufacturers of vinyl and other polymeric siding and suppliers to the industry. On average, manufacturers produce approximately 1,800 SKUs per company. Many of their websites offer color and/or exterior design tools. To contact manufacturers directly about specific product information, see our Manufacturer Contact List.