Frequently Asked Questions for Certified Trainers

Q: How often must a Certified Trainer recertify?
The initial certification period is two years, after which recertification is required every three years.
Q: Is there a minimum requirement of classes per year for a Certified Trainer?
Yes, a Certified Trainer is required to teach an average of two classes per year to maintain their certification or, at the discretion of the Administrator, have completed equivalent activity confirming continued education.
Q: How does a Certified Trainer recertify?
A Certified Trainer that has met the minimum class requirements must recertify after the first two years of their certification and every three years thereafter. Certified Trainers should contact the Administrator for recertification procedures and to pay the recertification fee. If a Certified Trainer does not meet the criteria to recertify, or allows their certification to lapse, they must retake the Certified Trainer course.
Q: How can a Certified Trainer register a class?
  • Certified Trainer submits completed Class Initiation Form to DataBanque approximately three weeks before the class is scheduled and requests Class Materials Packages.
  • DataBanque sends Class Materials Packages and Examination Packet.
  • Certified Trainer registers all participants at the beginning of class using the Certified Installer Registration Form and collects all required documents and fees to submit to DataBanque with returned Examination Packet.
  • Fees are invoiced to the Certified Trainer.
Q: What types of classes can be conducted by a Certified Trainer?
Certified Trainers can conduct a one-day Certified Installer Class, per Certified Installer Class Procedures.
Q: What fees are required from Certified Installers?
Installers must pay a Certification Administration Fee for each individual participating in a class. Certified Trainers may charge an additional fee for other class costs. Installers who are more invested in classes – both financially and otherwise – are more likely to value both the program and their certification.
Q: Who is responsible for payment of class fees?
The Certified Trainer may collect payment from each installer prior to the class, or at the time of the class. The Certified Trainer is invoiced for all Certification Administration Fees, along with other fees assessed by the Administrator after the class and is responsible for full and timely payment of DataBanque invoices. See Certified Installer Class Procedures for a complete list of fees.
Q: What are the responsibilities of Certified Trainers in the recertification of Installers?
Certified Trainers are responsible for convincing the Certified Installers in the classes they taught to recertify every three years. If a Trainer has left a company, a Certified Trainer from that company may also be made responsible for installers from classes a former co-worker had taught.
Q: What is the Recertification Script?
The Recertification Script is a set of talking points designed to aid Certified Trainers in encouraging Certified Installers to recertify. The script lists several reasons why recertification is beneficial for Installers.
Q: What are the required documents that must be obtained from Certified Installer Candidates?
The Certified Trainer is responsible for sending DataBanque, within three business days after the class, the following for each Certified Installer Candidate:

  • Unused items from the Class Materials Package
  • Completed Certified Installer Examinations and response sheets
  • Completed Class Evaluation Forms
  • Completed Certified Installer Registration Forms with photo and copy of ID
  • Completed Test Security Agreement
  • Completed Irregularity Report (if needed)
Q: What is in a Class Materials Package?
The Class Materials Packages and the Examination Packets for each class will arrive in one box. Within the box there will be four sets of documents:

  1. Class Materials for Trainer use
  2. Class Materials for Installer use
  3. Examination Materials for Trainer use
  4. Examination Materials for Installer use.

The materials will be labeled accordingly and will contain:

Class Materials: Trainer Use (1 each)
Photograph Tips
Your Home Deserves the Best Hang with the Best

Class Materials: Installer Use (10 or 20 each)
Vinyl Siding Installation Manual
VSI Installer Supplement
Certified Installer Registration Form (with Logo Usage Instructions attached)

Examination Materials: Trainer (1 each)
Return checklist
Irregularity Report
Test Security Agreement UPS Return Airbill Return Tyvek envelope

Examination Materials: Installer (10 or 20 envelopes)
Certified Installer Examination and response sheet Class Evaluation Form

Q: How do I get class results?
In addition to the examination materials, all required documents must be sent to DataBanque within three business days after the class. Approximately five business days after the examination date, if all required documents are received at DataBanque with examinations on a timely basis, a summary letter listing each class participant and examination scores is sent to the Certified Trainer via email. Each student in the class will receive notification of their examination results from DataBanque approximately five business days after the examination date, if examination materials and other required documents are received in a timely manner.
Q: What types of documents are on the Certified Trainer section of VSI’s website?
The Certified Trainer section of VSI’s website is password protected. Certified Trainers can access VSI Certified Installer Program forms, Certified Installer class instructional materials, recertification resources, e-newsletters, manuals and installation resources, brochures, Frequently Asked Questions, and other helpful documents.
Q: How does a Certified Trainer gain access to the Certified Trainer section of VSI’s website?
Certified Trainers who would like to access the Certified Trainers page on VSI’s Members Only site should fill out the Member Sign Up Form on Once approved, they will have access to the Certified Trainers section.
Q: What types of documents are on the Certified Installer section of VSI’s website?

The Certified Installer section of VSI’s website is not password protected, but it does contain many helpful documents, such as registration forms, forms to provide proof of vinyl siding installation experience, the VSI Vinyl Siding Installation Manual and other vinyl siding installation resources in English and Spanish, the Certified Installer Program Installer Supplement used in classes, brochures about the program, archived Certified Installer e-Newsletters, use of the Certified Installer logo, and more.

Q: What marketing materials are available for the program?
There is a marketing piece developed specifically for the Certified Installer program: Your Home Deserves the Best: Use a Certified Installer, a brochure that targets homeowners and other potential customers of Certified Installers. This brochure may be ordered from VSI using the Publications Order Form on VSI’s website. Go to and click on the “Publications” button in the upper right corner, then click on the link for the Publications Order Form to download the document.

Still have questions? Please contact Susie Nehnevajsa at DataBanque at (877) 627-8997 or [email protected]

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