SEO Update!

Clicks On VSI Website Up; Users More Engaged Than Ever  



As you may know from work within your own organizations, search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that includes periodic audits, reviews and adjustments as your website changes and evolves. Additionally, search engines evolve, changing their ranking algorithms to better deliver relevant results to their audiences.

Our most recent SEO review of our site uncovered some interesting and positive results!

  • VSI website year-to-date: Mobile now represents the majority of the traffic to the site at 52%, with desktop now at 48% on average
  • The top 10 pages visited on VSI’s website include the homepage, eight pages from the Installation section, along with a recycling-focused blog post. For homeowners, the primary content being accessed is in our website’s design section
  • Overall, while traffic across the industry is down – 20% due to the pandemic – VSI is only down 4%, beating the industry average
  • Despite traffic being down, clicks on our website are up, meaning that our users are more engaged with the content than ever before
  • The Become Certified page has had 786 actions, which is an increase over last year and a key goal for ongoing SEO efforts
  • Cold weather states are driving a significant amount of the key traffic to our website, along with Texas and Florida