Legislative Reform Efforts in Minnesota and Iowa Look Promising for Vinyl Siding

By Don Browne

VSI’s advocacy tackling product bans continues to be strong, with significant advances in Iowa and Minnesota. “Local governments are very influential in most states, Iowa and Minnesota are no different,” said VSI’s Senior Director of Advocacy Alex Fernandez. The good news is that VSI’s advocacy efforts continue to gain positive traction in both states, where pending legislative reforms can significantly benefit homebuilders, vinyl siding purveyors and future homeowners.

“Iowa passed in the House and is awaiting Senate approval, which looks good,” Alex noted. “Minnesota is out of the initial committee and will be voted on in a second committee in the coming weeks. There are three to four versions of the bill. They all look very promising, along with the stand-alone bill.”

Momentum from the onset of session is key to winning these battles. “While Iowa and Minnesota are politically different from each other, both state’s legislative bodies are on board with supporting legislation that could help their state address the affordable workforce housing crisis, as well as boost their local economies. They are both working with equal enthusiasm to get it passed,” he explained.

This continuing success could sway future states such as South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, as they jump into the fray in 2024. And you can help, too!

If local material bans on building with polymeric exterior products are a problem in your state, contact Alex at afernandez@vinylsiding.org.