VSI Free Webinars

Certified Vinyl Siding: Engineered Enhanced Beauty

Vinyl and other polymeric siding’s aesthetic qualities and unmatched selection of profiles, shapes, textures, and colors can play a beautiful role in a home’s exterior design — and will keep looking great year after year.

Learn how vinyl and other polymeric siding can bring a variety of neighborhood visions to life, whether designing, building or remodeling entry-level through luxury homes; recreating classic designs; or blending distinctive homes, shops, and other mixed-use buildings in a contemporary, new way.

Offered noon to 1 p.m., December 1, 9, 15. Register here.

Certified Insulated Siding: Quality, Comfort and Energy Performance

Now accepted as home insulation in various energy efficiency programs due to its ability to reduce thermal bridging, insulated siding has been added to the checklist of building products or methodologies that can help meet the requirements to qualify new homes under ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes V3. It is also included in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code among the materials that can be used as continuous insulation outside of the building framing to provide the required total wall R-value for buildings.

Learn to how to define insulated siding, understand R-value testing of insulated siding, describe proper installation of insulated siding, comply with energy codes, and how insulated siding can be used for state, local and utility incentive programs.

Offered noon to 1 p.m., December 2 and 4. Register here.

Certified Vinyl Siding: Verifiably Green

True sustainability of buildings requires a thorough understanding of the impacts of products and materials, not simply choosing a natural material, or the one with high recycled content. That’s why it’s important to use life cycle thinking as we design and renovate buildings.

Learn the basics and value of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Product Category Rules (PCRs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs); discuss the life cycle tools used to compare building products, understand the environmental impacts of vinyl siding, fiber cement and other siding products, and understand how LCA contributes to green building codes and standards.

Offered noon to 1 p.m., December 3, 11, and 17. Register here.