Learn about urban living and how vinyl siding can help your business.

Siding with Codes

A streamlined guide to understanding how vinyl siding meets important building codes.

Learn more about how vinyl siding can help you side with safety – and do it beautifully.


Vinyl Siding Installation Quick Tips for Homeowners

Installation quick tips include installing your starter strip, installing siding around window and door trim, panel alignment and locking, and alternate applications to J-channel and utility trim. Click here for the complete Vinyl Siding Installation Manual.

Your Home Deserves the Best

The VSI Certified Installer Program is implemented by an independent administrator to ensure that individuals are properly trained to install vinyl siding (as well as soffit and accessories) consistent with ASTM D4756, the industry recognized installation standard. VSI recognizes individuals as Certified Installers based on a combination of work experience and successful completion of a course of training and examination.

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Manual de Instalación de Revestimiento Vinílico

Este manual establece las directrices básicas para la instalación de revestimiento vinílico. Las instrucciones contenidas aquí se basan, en parte, en la norma ASTM D4756 Standard Practice for Installation of Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Siding and Soffit, el método estándar de instalación del revestimiento y el sofito vinílicos. Se ha añadido información actualizada según se ha necesitado.