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so you won’t have to worry about replacing your siding again.
Vinyl siding is made to last
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Vinyl siding has hundreds of options to
get the beautiful look you want.
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Add comfort while lowering energy bills

with insulated vinyl siding.

Choose independently certified products and installers

Vinyl siding, including insulated vinyl siding, is the only exterior cladding with a product certification program administered by an independent, accredited quality control agency that ensures products and colors meet or exceed the national consensus standards for the product category and a certified installer program with validation by an independent, third-party administrator to ensure that installers demonstrate knowledge of industry-accepted application techniques.

VSI Product Certification Program
More than 98 percent of vinyl siding manufactured in the United States each year – covering more than 750 products and more than 400 colors – is certified through the VSI Product Certification Program. Through twice-yearly, unannounced inspections of certified productmanufacturers and rigorous testing, the quality control agency ensures that certified products:

  • Withstand the impacts of recommended installation procedures
  • Lie straight on a flat wall and does not buckle under normal conditions
  • Weather the effects of sunshine, rain and heavy winds of 110 mph, and most achieve a wind rating higher than that
  • Meet manufacturers’ advertised specifications for length, width, thickness and gloss
  • Are available in a wide variety of attractive colors, with an independent process to certify colors for color retention.

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VSI Certified Installer Program

Your home deserves the best! Whether you’re re-siding your home or building a new one, improper installation is the primary cause of poor product performance and dissatisfaction with your vinyl siding. It can even void manufacturer warranties.

Certified ProgramThis is why the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) recommends using installers who are certified through the VSI Certified Installer Program.

Certified Installers have at least two years of installation experience and have demonstrated knowledge on proper installation techniques consistent with the industry recognized installation standard, ASTM D4756. Certification is valid for three years after which an installer must recertify.

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