The Truly Carefree Choice

Vinyl siding is engineered with purpose — to deliver maximum protection and beauty with minimum hassle and maintenance for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Eliminate the hassles of other siding products, saving time and money year after year. Learn more about the benefits of low maintenance siding today!

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Vinyl siding’s product performance is backed by testing and third-party certification, withstanding the harshest conditions, tested to:

Withstand sunshine and rain
Withstand winds of at least 110 mph
Lay straight and not buckle
Resist impact damage
Avoid heat shrinkage
Provide continuous moisture drainage
Provide energy efficiency**With insulated vinyl siding products

Siding Comparison

See how vinyl siding measures up to other exterior materials like brick, fiber cement, engineered wood, stucco, and wood siding.

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Insulated siding adds a thermal layer to help homes stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Exceptional Moisture Management


Vinyl and polypropylene siding products provide exceptional rain screening performance—helping moisture drain out of the exterior wall assembly and dramatically reducing water accumulation. The EPS material used in insulated vinyl siding also allows the wall system to breathe and drain efficiently and will not absorb moisture. That’s important because climate change is producing heavier, more frequent rainfall in many regions.


Vinyl Siding vs. Moisture

Unlike fiber cement, brick, and wood, vinyl siding does not absorb, hold or accumulate moisture, which helps prevent rot, mold and poor indoor air quality.