Improve Curb Appeal From Day One

Vinyl offers unsurpassed design options and excellent strength, all at a lower total installed cost than other siding products. Achieve versatility and durability with home siding that's backed with a lifetime warranty by most manufacturers. Discover VSI Certified Products right now.

Vinyl has a high lifetime value, too. It's inexpensive to maintain because it never needs painting, caulking, or re-pointing like other exterior cladding. Plus, all you need is mild soap and water to keep siding clean!

Lifetime value and easy maintenance help rank vinyl siding among the highest returns on investment for remodeling projects.


Vinyl siding is continually innovating to virtually eliminate the hassles and costs of ongoing maintenance found in competitive products. With vinyl, you'll never need to paint or caulk, and it can be cleaned with mild soap and water from a garden hose. So easy!

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Design and Architecture

Designing Style: A Guide to Designing with Vinyl Siding

Filled with inspiration and insight, this guide on designing with vinyl siding was developed in collaboration with experienced architects, designers, builders and vinyl siding manufacturers.
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